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Biker Jim’s Menu

Biker Jim’s craveable concept pimps 15 gourmet sausages, ranging from wild boar and Alaskan reindeer to pheasant cordon bleu and an award-winning vegan dog. Toppings are limited only by your imagination, and we have a killer condiment bar with all the fixings, including locally made Elevation ketchup. Our proprietary dogs, served on fresh-baked-rolls, and sourced from the best purveyors, are plump and juicy, ridiculously good and a whole lot of fun to eat.

From our humble beginnings, we’ve sourced our products from producers that, for the most part, use non-commercially raised meats absent of hormones and antibiotics. We work closely with artisanal, old-world sausage makers, and our dogs are made with custom cuts of all-natural beef, pork and veal, sustainably-raised elk, buffalo, duck, reindeer, pheasant and boar. We strive to serve organic vegetables, and we use natural preservatives like celery powder and sea salt in lieu of nitrates, including sodium nitrates. This makes for better tasting meats that you – and your family – can feel good about.